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Kan het rampzaliger dan Robbie Williams? Ja hoor, moeiteloos

De nieuwe cd van Robbie Williams bevat ‘rampzalig infantiele teksten’, aldus muziekrecensent Gijsbert Kamer in de Volkskrant. Hij licht de volgende strofe eruit: ‘The Egyptians built their pyramids/The Romans did what they did’. Kan het erger? Ja hoor, moeiteloos.

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I'm as serious as cancer/When I say rhythm is a dancer
(Rhythm Is A Dancer, Snap!, 1992)

Lucky that my breasts/Are small and humble/So you don't confuse/Them with mountains
(Whenever, Wherever, Shakira, 2001)

There's an insect/In your ear/If you scratch/It won't disappear
(Staring At The Sun, U2, 1997)

There were plants/And birds/And rocks/And things
(A Horse With No Name, America, 1972)

Your butt is mine/Gonna take you right
(Bad, Michael Jackson, 1987)

Young, black and famous/With money hangin'/Out the anus
(Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down, Puff Daddy, 1997)

Coast to coast/L.A. to Chicago
(Smooth Operator, Sade, 1984)

She had dumps like a truck truck truck/Thighs like what what what/Baby move your butt butt butt
(Thong Song, Sisqo, 1999)

And I met a girl/ She asked me my name/ I told her what it was
(Somewhere Else, Razorlight, 2005)

Sometimes vocabulary runs through my head/The alphabet runs right from A to Z
(Never Ever, All Saints, 1998)

Ik zat in tram vijf en m'n lul stond stijf/Want naast me zat een lekker wijf
(Moordenaar, Osdorp Posse, 1992)

Zijn we rampzalige infantiele teksten vergeten? Vul gerust aan.