Twitter Top 10: 50 Cent

bouke sonnega 30 aug 2010 Politiek

Yo-yo-yo-goeiemiddag! Vandaag de zeer informerende Twitter Top 10 van Amerika’s grootste, alweer in verval geraakte gangsta modepop. Even het verstand op nul en genieten van de onzin over bloed, seks en drugs, geschreven in prozaïsch Engels en uiteraard verstoken van alle leestekens. Kortom: 50 Cent. Yo.

1 I just got off stage in dominican republic only70,000 ppl I performed w/ wisin y yandel. I’m backstage gettin my dick sucked I gotta go lol.
Maandag 30 augustus, rond 9:30 uur

2 I need a smart girl So she can be teaching me shitI like that kinda shit it turn me on.
Donderdag 26 augustus, 23:57 uur

3 Look man I told you motherfuckers if you aint 18 quit following me around this motherfucker. This adult entertainment.
Zondag 29 augustus, 1:48 uur

4 Man old people shouldn’t be able to drive man. This old man cut me off and shit I know he didn’t mean it but damn.
Zondag 29 augustus, 3:45 uur

5 I can’t belive my grand mothers making me take Out the garbage I’m rich fuck this I’m going home I don’t need this shit.
Donderdag 26 augustus, 8:56 uur

6 I just looked at kanye page what the fuck kind a spaced out tweets are those. fuck that I aint never looking at that shit again.
Zaterdag 28 augustus, 18:23 uur

7 I want everybody to know from the bottom of my heart I do not appreciate yal calling me crazy I’m special.
Zondag 29 augustus, 02:15 uur

8 Im learnin how to play golf samuel jackson is good! I gotta get my game together I be at chelsea piers workin on it. ill get good fast watch.
Zondag 29 augustus, 04:23 uur

9 Oh shit this bitch almost hit my carTwitter almost killed meYou can’t tweet and drive at the same timeIll fuck wit yall later.
Donderdag 26 augustus, 22:10 uur

10 I’m looking for a good main girl. I got me a good side bitch already.
Zaterdag 28 augustus, 7:06 uur

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Twitter Top 10: 50 Cent