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Black Friday madness

Het is Black Friday vandaag. De vrijdag na Thanksgiving waarop bijna alle Amerikanen vrij zijn -dat zijn ze niet zo vaak– en dus hun kerstinkopen gaan doen. Doet Black Friday zijn naam eer aan? Hier zijn de eerste tweets en filmpjes.

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Geschreven door: Karen Geurtsen

As I was leaving walmart… paramedics were arriving. That was a good time to leave. 

Crazy amounts of people in the streets shopping right now. Lines are dumb long. People camping out early. 

Cops arresting people at Best Buy out here! Smh… “It gots to be a betta hustle then that baby” lol… 

Belk opened 4 minutes ago. People are already pushing each other in the shoes section.

Women on  shop like the ones at a bridal store having a sale looking for their perfect wedding dress. They be in .

Happy shopping! Living in Europe, I miss the whole madness. Thank goodness for e-commerce.

I can’t believe people are already getting run over by shopping carts at Walmart. What is wrong with humanity?