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Exclusief interview met Michael van Gerwen

Michael, congratulations, you’re the new world champion.
‘Thank you. I’m verry flobbest because the badasj flobbest flobber. Unbelibobbel.’

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Geschreven door: Frank Heinen

Is this a dream come true?
‘You could say hubbosjfaloek, and also my parents. The cornersjdotsj carvored it. That’s the most inhoffesjt. Aim exculuskly happy.’

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Hoe sympathiek!

Dit artikel krijg je van HP/De Tijd cadeau. Om ons te steunen en meer artikelen van en uit HP/De Tijd te lezen, word je vanaf slechts vier euro per maand lid in minder dan een minuut. Voor dat luttele bedrag lees je ook alle stukken uit het maandelijkse magazine digitaal.

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Of course you are, Michael, of course you are. Let’s go back to the first few legs. You were on fire, weren’t you? You were playing very agressive and the match seemed to go exactly like you must have planned it.
‘When you play in the Bloskarbor, the holy flutsj of cavatsjo and also this year, for me it was expavelly dorfendant, with all the worsjbonza’s, moororles harfitsh. You know that you flaf to duff into a frutting belbage, but I doo zeveve e. That’s normal.’

What do you think was the crucial point in this match? Was it Wright’s crucial miss in the third leg? I think you know what I’m talking about?
‘For me, dubbefrishingcarcrash was when raitflucklediscucumberdardul fressing his brouss. Kessing muh. At that moment, I knew I fruggashed the vulno the right yobbo.’

I think you deserved to win this Championship, do you think that you were indeed the best player present here this week?
‘I kesbrackdubbeldrankcrackers, the thing is that pointbuldickerparflup can take you peteta. You have to be extremely brauliano about that, because, when I play, I completely nuin and flop. And you never know what flickebonders pias.’

2014 is hardly on its way, but I figure it won’t get any better then this, am I right?
‘No! Wright is the guy with the hair and the huanges and the xynuttels that I played brinder.’

That’s completely true. Do you have something to say to all your fans at home, who supported you throughout the tournament?
‘Yes. Quanaries and a fluff of kruppers for all of toefrissingcarbonite, and to my Dutch fans I say: dakdullefrontaal, frettichs kiplop en al het knorfelde voor het nieuwe jaar.’

Thank you, Michael.