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A Saint Nicholas-poem for Louie from Gaal

Dear Louie,

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Saint has been thinking in the elevator – that is a lift,

What he has to give you as a gift.

Because, and this is something I mean:

What had you a great 2014!

First the World Cup you had,

The people in Holland got it almost too mad.

They thought you were totally insane,

But you are only a little vain.

You are the best coach in the world.

You are the best coach in the world.

(If it rhymes not, I say it twice,

If it rhymes not, I say it twice)


In Brasil, you were the king too rich

With Robben there on the pitch.

He was the player who was the best,

And also better than the rest.

You won from Australia and Spain,

And there was even more to gain.

Because although it was very late,

You pulled a victory in the wait.

Mexico went on the beet bridge, fascinating stuff

Saint was happy that you brought Huntelaar soon enough.

The outswitching wasn’t far,

But you made it on the falling bar.

Then the match to Costa Rica, Saint cried like a little girl,

When you changed Cilessen for Tim Curl.

I thought that I didn’t have it anymore,

But you can tell when you look at the score

What a super idea

That was a different cup of tea.

In the half final you lost against Messy

And that was also what the match was.
(This doesn’t rhyme, but that may sometime).

You fished sadly behind the net,

But that may sound a little flat.

Because you became still third when you beat the host,

That was when we loved you the most.

You felt you in Brasil like a fish in the water,

And the lot of people who liked you became even lotter.

You were happy and you said it loud

And thanks that you not hanged the dirty laundry out.

Maybe it lays on me.

But there are always people you can’t air and see.


Since this summer are you the coach of a club in Manchester

That is a city that is not Leicester.

I’m just stitching the dragon, you know that already long,

Your feelings fort his club are warm and strong.

It is a team to your heart,

Fascinating and always apart.

The start of the season this year was too crazy to run loose,

The serie of lost matches were not for the cat – in Holland, we say poes.

It can traffic, that’s what they say,

And you should remind that every day.

You are in the form of your life

And the same moneys for Truus, who is your wife.


What can the Saint give to a man, who has already it all,

So I just made a little call.

Truus told me that there’s only one thing you want really,

That is because your defense is still a little feely.

I hope this present doesn’t give you grapes of wrath,

Because with this you know what meat you have in the bath.

You get a nice bag of peppernuts in your right shoe,

And Ron Vlaar in your left one too.


The balls and keep do!


Saint Nicholas.