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‘You may not be here, but your music most certainly is’

Louis Andriessen (6 juni 1939 – 1 juli 2021) was componist. De Amerikaanse componist Steve Reich schrijft hem een brief.

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Geschreven door: Steve Reich

Dear Louis,

As I write this, I’m listening to De Staat. I’ve got chills down my spine and as you know, that’s a very good sign. The opening is so tightly dissonant with that enormous brass/woodwind force. Then – the women’s voices and we’re in another world, that sits right on D, E, G#, A. That E-A center hangs around, until a bit later you give us good strong Eb. Then many clusters/motives and here comes C, D, G, F#, A, repeated with shifting accents until, watch out, here’s Eb, F, Gb, Ab to challenge tonality and rhythm. Blocks suddenly changing into other blocks and Stravinsky’s in the background. 


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